Always going that extra mile

Created in 1989, Stabilame is a family business which stems from the Riche Group (who have been in the timber joinery field since 1970), specialising in timber construction systems. Every year, more than 200 timber structures are made in our Mariembourg factory before being meticulously assembled on our customers’ land.

Over the years, Stabilame has developed a recognised expertise in all the construction systems on the market. Rather than choosing one in particular, we prefer to offer you the best possible solution, based on your project and your desires. The technical aspects should never become a brake and our desire is to always go that extra mile.

To help us meet this challenge, our design office is here to help you. It aims to be the preferred intermediary for the firms of architects to whom you decide to entrust your project for a single-family dwelling or a multi-floor building. Engineers and designers examine the smallest details of your project. For a made-to-measure result which is like no other.

A new idea for something tailor-made

Withint its factory, Stabilame develops the entire production chain, from the drying of the wood to its optimisation, from butt joints to glulam, from cutting to processing. Thanks to this know-how, the company produces timber parts of exemplary quality. But this is not the only advantage. This control of the wood chain allows means it can manufacture fully customised structures.

Stabilame currently goes very far in this customisation. Thanks to this 3-D technology built into the production design at cutting centres (BIM), all the details concerning your home are studied as early as possible with an extreme attention to detail (connection details, assemblies, positioning of the windows, special techniques, etc.). This pre-study then enables numerous pre-fabrication stages to be done in the workshop, under optimum working conditions. As well as ensuring a better quality of execution, this pre-fabrication significantly reduces assembly time onsite

100% recovered material

Expertise, quality, flexibility and innovation are some of the strong values shared by the 70 staff at Stabilame, a company which conducts a managerial policy based on listening and respecting people and their environment. The factory meets the strictest requirements in terms of the sorting and recovery of waste. As a corporate citizen, Stabilame strives to prefer to use wood which comes from European and even more local forests, in order to minimise its environmental impact. Stabilame is, in this regard, on the same wavelength as its raw material of choice, as wood is the eco-friendly material above all others

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